Oncology Next Generation Sequencing

Enabling personalized medicine in cancer care

Today, by combining the latest sequencing technology with pathology, iGenetic is able to give a comprehensive answer to clinicians, perpetuating the tradition of excellence in the field of cancer theranostics. iGenetic's cancer panels provide

  • A detailed diagnosis of clinically actionable mutations for precision medicine
  • Customized panels for inherited cancer screenings so that patients who are at risk of cancer can start taking preventive actions
Uniqueness of iGenetic

iGenetic offers the most comprehensive cancer diagnostics in the market. Our uniqueness relies on a combination between NGS and other traditional pathology techniques such as histopathology, IHC, cytogenetics and molecular pathology used to analyse the tissue providing a comprehensive diagnosis.


Non Invasive Pre Natal Test for screening of Trisomy 21, Thallessemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, DMD, Muscular Distrophy...


Next Generation Sequencing, FISH, Histopathology, Immunohistochemistry

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