Septicemia Detection In 24 hrs

iGenetic Septicemia panel provides answers within 24 hrs with identification of the causant micro-organism

Septicemia is a serious illness wherein a patient develops symptoms due to the presence of bacteria or toxins in blood. At iGenetic, we recognise the importance of timely differential diagnosis between sepsis and the potentially life threatening SIRS syndrome that results from infection. The Septicemia Panel of iGenetic provides detection, identification of pathogen, sensitivity and resistance by two independent and orthogonal technologies

Uniqueness of iGenetic

Our Septicemia offering is the one and only panel of its kind which is commercially available in India. iGenetic's Septicemia panel provides a diagnosis of Septicemia within 24 hrs. The detection and identification of the pathogen is also reported within 24 hrs. The Septicemia panel screens for 16 bacterial and 2 fungal pathogens in a multiplex PCR assay having high sensitivity. The assay rapidly screens samples for several pathogens so as to reduce the turn-around time and this rapid diagnosis saves patients lives. This technology also removes the sporadic false negativity resulted by blood culture.


Septicemia Panel - Bacterial Detection by multiplex PCR, Fungal Detection by PCR, Blood culture and sensitivity, CRP and Procalcitonin

Method TAT Sample required
Multiplex PCR, Microbiology, Serology 24 hrs EDTA blood and/or focal specimen
Method Multiplex PCR, Microbiology, Serology
TAT 24 hrs
Sample required EDTA blood and/or focal specimen
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